Jenny Marketou
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2008 Review in Art Papers
2008 Review in Sense and Society
2008 Review in Philadelphia Inquirer
2008 Review Fashion Newsweek
2007 Review in Flash Art International
2007 Review in The Art Magazine, International
2006 Review in Big Red and Shiny
2006 Review in Globe Staff
2006 Review in El Pais, Madrid
2006 Review in Berkshire Fine
2006 Review in C/net
2006 Review in Highlights Magazine
2005 Review in Neural. IT, Milan
2004 Review in Wired News
2004 Review in TIME OUT, Athens
2003 Review in Thema Celeste, Milan
2003 Review in Artphoto, Romania
2003 Review in TIME OUT, New York
2002 Review in museumexperts, Paris
2002 Review in El Pais, Barcelona
2002 Review in SF Camera Works,
2002 Review in Wired, New York City
2002 Review in Artforum, New York City
2001 Review in Springerin, Vienna
2000 Review in Artbyte New York City
2000 Review in Sputnik, Mexico City
1998 Review in Art Press
1998 Review in Flash Art International
1997 Review in The New York Times
1997 Review in Flash Art International

2009 Interview Barbara J. West: PDF
2008 Interview Claudia Herbst: PDF
2008 Interview Macu Moran: PDF
2004 Interview Angela Dimitrakaki: PDF
2003 Interview TimeOut Athens: PDF
2002 Interview Ricardo Dominquez: PDF
2001 Interview Claudia Gianneti: PDF
2001 Interview Anne Barlow: PDF
2000 Interview Cornelia Sollfrank: PDF
1999 Interview Peter Weibel: PDF

2009 Jenny Marketou Reads from
Andy Warhol FBI files Something to Hide,
Pen World Voices Festival: MP3

2006 Interview host Michael Rush
Art Radio Live from Art Basel Miami.Beach:
Rush Interactive Special: AUDIO

2006 Interview “Take you by Storm”
Jenny Marketou with Small World Podcast: MP3

2006 Interview CNET: BLOG

2004 Interview Angela Dimitrakaki with
Jenny Marketou,
n.paradoxa international feminist art journal,
volume #14, London, UK



Text by Amanda Beattie: PDF
Text by Christiane Paul: PDF
Text by Margaret Morse: PDF

2009 Article The New Mexican: PDF
2007 Article in Baz 10.24: PDF
2007 Article in Baz 10.25: PDF